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Meter Read Key™

PrintMIB Meter Read Key™ is a print device collection package which allows any user, technical or not, to collect accurate print device audits. It can be run from any Windows computer or laptop (XP, 2000, 2003) with a USB port that is connected directly to a network using TCP/IP. PrintMIB Meter Read Key™ does not require any software to be installed on the computer running the scans. PrintMIB Meter Read Key™ gives office managers and support technicians the ability to greatly reduce the time normally required to perform these tasks into mere minutes.

LocalMIB™ provides a link between printers connected directly to Windows computers via USB and/or parallel cables and PrintMIBs range of products.  It continuously monitors the Windows workstation for print jobs and when one is detected, it collects the page count, increments the total count for that printer, and makes that information available during a scan.  LocalMIB is designed to have minimal performance impact on the computer on which it is running, and since it's a free download, it also has minimal impact on your bottom line.

QuickMIB Pro™

QuickMIB™ is a low cost alternative to the comprehensive scanning that the Meter Read Key performs. It is ideal for end users needing only page counts for tracking and billing purposes.  Data can be automatically emailed according to a user defined schedule freeing up the end user or sales technician from having to do manual meter reads.  Its low price makes it an easy solution for accurate "hands-off" data collection. QuickMIB™ is installed and runs on either a Microsoft Windows server or workstation (XP, 2000, 2003).

QuickMIB Pro™ is a more robust version of QuickMIB indended for companies with medium to large size networks.  QuickMIB Pro introduces unlimited IP Address scanning with the option of sending scan data to both email recipients *and* to PrintMIB's Secure Scan Archive where comprehensive reporting and analysis can be performed at the convenience of your office.  Other features that are included in the Pro version include daily scanning and supply information.

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