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There are two types of scans that PrintMIB™ performs. Either the scan can be performed and then written to the database or the scan can be informational only. Both types of scans will display the scan results in the Scan Results window. In addition, after a scan has been performed, double-clicking on the Location in the Client Administrator will show all devices that have been found for that Location. Depending on the SNMP Timeout, the scan should take 30 – 60 seconds to complete. Multiple reports can be generated, either to HTML or comma-delimited files after performing either type of scan. Performing a scan has a negligible impact on a network and only reads information provided by a particular device— it never attempts to write any values to a device. Results from a scan are only saved to the database located on the USB Key and are never transmitted anywhere else.



A Q-Scan is performed when you want a quick snapshot of what print devices are operating on a network. It is not necessary to set up a Client/Location to perform this scan. Simply enter the starting and ending IP addresses and click the Q-Scan button. The results are displayed in the Scan Results Window but are lost when either closing the program or running a new scan. The Q-scan dropdown keeps a history of the past six scans performed.

Scan and Save


Saved Scan – To perform a scan and also have the results written to the database, simply choose the Location and Client and run a “scan and save”. You can have unlimited saved scans in the database for a particular Location. Historical saved scans can be loaded into the scan results windows, deleted from the database or purged completely.

PrintMIB Scan Results

The results of any scan are displayed on the bottom in the “Scan Results” window.

Devices with Extended Page Counts can be displayed by clicking on this icon.

A popup window will expand showing the different counts for that particular device.

Right clicking on a line in the results gives the following options:


Browse Device Webpage – This will open up a web page and browse to that specified IP address of the device. Most printers have built-in web servers for viewing but some older models do not.

Update This Device - This will refresh a device in the results window that may have come back incorrectly.

Export to CSV - This will export to a file that can be imported into another application. If Microsoft Excel is installed on the scanning computer it will launch and import the .csv file automatically.

Current Scan Report – Shows the current scan results or historical scans in an easy to read HTML format.

Copy to Clipboard – This lets you copy specific line out of the display results window. You can highlight multiple lines by holding down the Control Key.

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