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PrintMIB™ Reporting

All of the reports that PrintMIB™ generates are saved as standard HTML files and can be viewed using any web browser. Some of the reports that PrintMIB™ produces are:


Client Detail Report – Shows all clients in the database.
Current Scan Report – Shows the current scan results or historical scans in an easy to read HTML format. 
Comparison Report – This report allows you to select two prior scans and run a comparison to track any changes in page count, toner usage, etc. between the two.
Client Location Report – Shows all the Locations in the database for a particular client.
Client Device Summary Report – Shows all unique devices for each Location for a particular Client.
Discovered / Missing Devices Report – This report allows you to select two stored scans and compare them to locate print devices which are newly discovered, or are no longer responding to scans. This report allows you to quickly discover changes in the printing environment.
Export to CSV – technically not a report this will export to a file that can be imported into another application. If Microsoft Excel is installed on the scanning computer it will launch and import the csv file automatically.
Reports can also be generated on historical scans by loading a previous scan in the Scan Results window. Custom logo branding can be easily added to the reports to give them a tailored appearance.


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