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Collecting Proprietary SNMP Data

Collecting Proprietary SNMP Data

Collecting SNMP data from print devices can be a topic of great confusion. When evaluating meter read software be aware that there are some inherent limitataions with the breadth of information that a particular print device can return. 

Most newer print devices (in the past 10 yrs) will return a common grouping of information. This includes: total page counts, manufacturer, model, serial number, console information, etc. This type of information is generally not proprietary as all major print device manufaturers loosely adhere to this standard.

In more recent years, manufacturers are including more detailed information in their print devices, allowing PrintMIB™ to extract more specific data. A majority of print devices—approx 70%, will return supply details (i.e. toner percentage, toner part number, etc.)

A very small number - less than 10%, return toner density and/or coverage information. Support for this information is often very erratic. One would hope that as new models are released the manufacturers would include as much information as possible. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Some older printers, for example, a Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 2300, which is a discontinued printer model, returns detailed coverage/toner density information. Conversely, a Hewlett-Packard Laser Jet 3380, a relatively new printer model, does not return this type of advanced data.

It is apparent that there is no MIB standardization among the different print device manufacturers. Ultimately, any SNMP program communicating with a device is limited by the information the manufacturer has chosen to include on that device. This is why some printers will return a limited amount of information and others return a great deal. We are continually adding and improving our product to include as much data as the print device will provide. 

The PrintMIB Meter Read Key™ provides quick, accurate, unlimited and easy to use meter reads second to none at a excellent price. There are no hidden or recurring monthly charges to use the software, nor will there be any charge for technical support.

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