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General Overview
Layout & Program Functions
Asset Management
Collecting Proprietary SNMP Data

Asset Management

Adding a Client

Historical scan data from is organized in PrintMIB™ by setting up a hierarchal tree structure with Clients and Locations for a particular IP range. Clients have one or many Locations and Locations have one or many print devices. Setting up Clients and Locations provide the ability to store multiple scans for each location. 

Stored scans can be opened from the Administrator for viewing and are also used in doing comparative analysis between multiple stored scans. A Client must be set up before adding a Location to that Client.
Adding a Location
Once a Client is set up, a Location for that client can be added. Unlimited IP address ranges can be added for each Location.  There is no limit on the number of Locations that can be set up under a Client but all Location names must be unique for that client. Client and Location information that has been entered in the database automatically displays in the upper-right Detail Window.

At any time you can add, edit or delete information about a particular Client or Location from this window and save it to the database. 
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