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Collecting Proprietary SNMP Data
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PrintMIB Meter Read Key™ is a print device collection package which allows any user, technical or not, to collect accurate print device audits. PrintMIB™ can be run from any Windows computer or laptop (XP, 2000, 2003) with a USB port that is connected directly to a network using TCP/IP. PrintMIB™ does not require any software to be installed on the computer running the scans. PrintMIB™ has two main functions. First is the ability to accurately get print device information (Serial, Manufacturer, Model, IP Address, Page Count, miscellaneous supply levels). The Second function is to build an Asset Management history based on client, location and/or device. PrintMIB™ gives office managers and support technicians the ability to greatly reduce the time normally required to perform these tasks into mere minutes.

PrintMIB™ employs a technology known as Simple Network Management Protocol or SNMP in order to query networked devices, including print devices. Specific information about the device is embedded in that device’s permanent memory by the manufacturer. Since implementing SNMP is not mandatory, some hardware manufacturers provide no or very little information. This is most common in older devices. PrintMIB™ uses a multiple query system in order to increase the odds of getting a complete response from every device, but some devices will simply not respond, and others will return little more than a page count.

The only information gathered by the PrintMIB Meter Read Key™ is that which is found on the print devices which are scanned, and client information specifically entered by the user into the PrintMIB™ database. None of the information collected by the PrintMIB Meter Read Key™ is ever reported or transmitted to PrintMIB LLC, or any other person or persons.

PrintMIB™ Key advantages:

● Accurate Print Device scans in less than a minute
● Thorough reports
● Straightforward Interface
● No software installation or special hardware requirements
● Unlimited scans for one price…no recurring monthly fees
● Historical data collection for reporting
● No User Interference
● No walking around to all the print devices
● More accurate meter reads
● No Delay in receiving results
● Integration through popular accounting & business software

PrintMIB™ Collects:

● Serial Number
● Manufacturer
● Model
● IP Address
● MAC Address
● Multiple Page Counts (Mono, Copy, Fax, Scan, etc.)
● Color/Mono Print Device Type
● Supplies Part Numbers & Percentage of Toner Life Left
● Console Screen Message

Manufacturers Supported

● Brother ● Lexmark
● Canon ● OKI Data
● Dell ● Panasonic
● Epson ● QMS
● Fujitsu ● Ricoh
● Gestetner ● Samsung
● Hewlett Packard ● Savin
● Hitachi ● Sharp
● IBM ● Source Technologies
● Konica-Minolta ● Tektronix
● Kyocera-Mita ● Toshiba
● Lanier ● Xerox
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