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General FAQ
PrintMIB Key FAQ

General FAQ's

What's a MIB?
The MIB, or Management Information Base, is a text file that describes SNMP network elements as a list of data objects.  You can think of the MIB as a tree.  The base of the tree contains the most generic information.  As you climb the tree, more detailed information about each separate aspect of each element is revealed until ultimately all information pieces about a device are exposed. The lowest level of the tree is usually referred to as "Internet."  The major branches are named after the more specific types of devices such as host, printer, private data, etc.  

What print devices are supported?

● Brother ● Lexmark
● Canon ● OKI Data
● Dell ● Panasonic
● Epson ● QMS
● Fujitsu ● Ricoh
● Gestetner ● Samsung
● Hewlett Packard ● Savin
● Hitachi ● Sharp
● IBM ● Source Technologies
● Konica-Minolta ● Tektronix
● Kyocera-Mita ● Toshiba
● Lanier ● Xerox

Does PrintMIB™ employ any sort of "phone home" security or data collection?
PrintMIB™ does not require any sort of communication with any outside source to run - in fact, your network doesn't even need to be connected to the internet.  You only need to have network access to your print devices.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to run the program?
If you have configured QuickMIB to send emails to a recipient outside of your network then it will require internet access.  For support purposes, PrintMIB™ has a help option where you can submit information to PrintMIBs technical support department for troubleshooting purposes.  In this instance, internet access would be necessary but the transmission is only initiated by the user.


PrintMIB Meter Read KEY™ FAQ's

PrintMIB Meter Read Key™ system requirements?

  ● Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003
  ● TCP/IP
  ● USB Port 1.1/2.0
  ● Internet Explorer
  ● Power User rights or higher to the local workstation
  ● Minimum 1024 x 768 Resolution

What info will be returned from a particular device?

  ● Serial Number
  ● Manufacturer
  ● Model
  ● IP Address
  ● Multiple Page Counts (Mono, Copy, Fax, Scan, etc.)
  ● Color/Mono Print Device Type
  ● Toner Levels
  ● Toner Part Number
  ● Console Screen Message

Is PrintMIB Meter Read Key™ secure? Is there any danger to my network? Is any data transmitted to or from my network?

PrintMIB Meter Read Key™ is a self-contained, secure program that can not cause any damage to your computer or network. The program is run directly from the key and there is no installation to the host computer. The only data read from the host computer is the local IP address that the program uses to suggest an IP range when entering a location. The program only saves data to the database on the USB key itself. It does not transmit any data to any other location. The only time that the program would communicate outside of your network would be when running an update or sending information to the PrintMIB™ support staff and both of these would be done at the behest of the user. Updates can be set to automatically run in the program settings which will trigger the program to check for any new updates to the program or documentation on start up, but this option is disabled by default.
Is there any software to install?
No, PrintMIB Meter Read Key™ runs completely from the USB key.

What rights are needed on a local pc to run?
Power User rights or higher are needed on the local workstation to run the program.

How does the program talk on the network? What ports does it use?

PrintMIB Meter Read Key™ Uses SNMP on inbound port 161 and outbound port 1066
How do I activate the software? Is there a registration process?

The key will be properly serialized before shipping it to you. Nothing else will be required for you to start using the program
Is there a limit on how many scans that I can do?

With the purchase price of the key, you are entitled to unlimited scans. There are no recurring monthly fees.
How do I start the program?

1. Locate the USB port on the computer on which you’ll be running the PrintMIB Meter Read Key™, and insert the USB key. You may find it easier to use the USB cable extender provided.

2. To Launch the program either:
  A. Open Windows Explorer, browse to the USB Drive (the volume label will be PrintMIBKey), and double-click on Printmib.exe.
  B. Click Start, Run, and in the open window type:
“<USB drive letter>:\printmib.exe”
How can I back up my database?

Click on Tools and then Backup Database. Selecting Backup Database will created a backup of the scan database and write it to a backup directory on the USB Key.
How do I determine the IP address range of my network?

If you're creating a new Location PrintMIB™ will attempt to determine the IP address range automatically and place it in the IP Start and IP End address fields.  PrintMIB™ is designed to work on small to medium sized networks, so it will default to scanning every possible address on the same network which would be all devices in the range of 0 through 255 inclusive.  If you know the exact address range you can limit the range of the scan, which will reduce the amount of time needed to perform a scan.

Clicking on Help, About PrintMIB™ will display an informational window which will include the IP address of the workstation on which PrintMIB™ is running.  Generally, your printers will be in the same IP address range as your local workstation.

If you are still unable to determine your range, contact the network administrator.
When I run the program I get an error. What do I do?

PrintMIB™ will do its best to anticipate and avoid any possible errors, but the modern network environment can be unpredictable at best. In the event that an error does occur all of the pertinent information will be logged to a file on the PrintMIB Meter Read Key™, and you will be give the option of re-trying the process which generated the error, canceling that process and returning to the main PrintMIB™ screen, or exiting PrintMIB™ completely.

If an error is persistent please use the built in support system to Email the error log file directly to PrintMIB™. Please include any pertinent information such as what you were attempting to do when the error occurred, as well as an Email address and/or telephone number where one of our technicians can contact you.

Please note, the only information which will be sent is the contents of the error log file, plus whatever you enter when submitting the report. No personally or machine identifiable information is collected or sent by the PrintMIB Meter Read Key™.
Is any data being written to my network?

The program is only reading information from the print device, it is not writing anything to it.
Are there any bandwidth concerns?

While the exact numbers vary depending upon the size of the network and the number of print devices, under normal operations the amount of data that PrintMIB™ send and receives performing a scan is equivalent to receiving an Email with two photographs attached.

Alert network administrator may notice the traffic since a computer making hundreds of requests all across a network can be a sign of a virus or spyware infection. If the network administrator has any questions or concerns please have them contact us directly either at or 1-866-ScanMIB (866-722-6642).
Are there any limitations on the types of networks on which PrintMIB can be used?

PrintMIB™ can be run on any Windows 2000, XP, or 2003 computer connected to a TCP/IP network regardless of the type of network.
When I run a scan, the program does not return any information?

1. Check to ensure that the computer you're using is connected to the network by printing a test page to one of the network printers you wish to scan.  If the test page prints it's possible that the IP addresses in the database don't match those of the computer you're using.  Click on Help, About PrintMIB™ and make a note of the IP address of the computer.  Then select the client you're trying to scan and compare the addresses.  In most cases the first three sets of numbers will match, and the fourth number of the computers IP address will fall between the fourth numbers of the Start and End IP addresses.  Note, this is a generality, and may not always be the case.  If you're still unable to scan check with the system administrator for that network.

2. PrintMIB™ uses Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) which only works on print devices connected to the network using TCP/IP.  Print devices which are not configured to support TCP/IP are invisible to PrintMIB™, but this is fairly uncommon.

3. Information returned is reliant on the device returning the information. Some manufacturer MIB's return a large breadth of information and some less. The age of the device can also play a factor in the amount of gatherable information.

4. When a scan is being run PrintMIB™ sends out a request for information to a range of IP addresses, and then waits a preset number of seconds for a response.  If there is no response within this time PrintMIB™ assumes that there is no print device at that address and moves on.  response time can vary greatly based upon the size of the network, the type of hardware on which the network is running,  the types of printers, and how busy the network is at the moment that the scan is performed.  You can change the number of seconds PrintMIB™ will wait for a response - commonly called the timeout, on the settings page.  Note, a higher timeout will increase the amount of time it will take for a full scan to run.
How do I update the program?

There are two methods.  The simplest is to open the Settings window and check on Automatically check for updates then click Ok.  Then every time you run PrintMIB™ it will check our update server to ensure that you have the most current version of the program.  If there is an update you'll see an Update button on the splash screen.  Clicking it will download and install the new files automatically. 

You can also manually check for updates by clicking on Help and selecting Update.

Even while updating, no information is sent to PrintMIB™.
The program's update doesn't work or my copy doesn't have an update ability, how do I do a manual update?

Please call technical support at 866-722-6642.

QuickMIB FAQ's

Who would use it:
QuickMIB™ is a low cost alternative to the comprehensive scanning that the Meter Read Key performs. It is ideal for end users needing only page counts for tracking and billing purposes.  Data can be automatically emailed according to a user defined schedule freeing up the end user or sales technician from having to do manual meter reads.  Its low price makes it an easy solution for accurate "hands-off" data collection.

QuickMIB System Requirements  
  ● Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003
  ● TCP/IP
  ● Power User rights or higher to install the program
  ● Internet acces if emails are being sent off-site

Is QuickMIB™ secure? Is there any danger to my network? Is any data tranmitted to or from my network?
QuickMIB™ ONLY collects certain infomation from print devices on a network. It ONLY sends this infomation via email to recipients that you specify. Any other specific information about a network are NOT collected and is NOT transmitted in any way.

Are there any bandwidth concerns?
QuickMIB™ can be set to scan as frequently as once a week up to once a month.  Manual scans can also be triggered by the user.  Due to the low amount of actual scans being performed, bandwidth is not an issue.



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