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Remote Management System(RMS)
QuickMIB Fact Sheet Click to download the free Adobe Reader

Both QuickMIB and QuickMIB Pro are designed to be installed at a client location to perform meter and supply information collection.  In order to reduce the need for imaging service providers to dispatch technicians to make configuration changes we have developed the Remote Management System (RMS).

RMS allows QuickMIB or QuickMIB Pro installations to be managed through the secure area on the PrintMIB web site.  If this feature is enabled, several times a day the QuickMIB program will connect to our web site using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection - the same connection used by financial institutions.  It will transmit the program settings to the web site, and then check to see if any settings have been updated by the user.  The following information is sent:

  The scan interval  
  The date of the next scheduled scan  
  Whether the email should include the HTML report and/or the CSV attachment  
  Whether the email should report on devices which have been designated as unmonitored  
  The email addresses which will receive the reports  
  The network address range(s) being scanned
  The client account number which was entered during the installation process.  This account number can be anything.  In order to provide for maximum security, we do not require our customers to store their client information on our web site or in QuickMIB.  The account number provides a way for them to reference a QuickMIB installation or report to their client list.
  The date of the last scan
  The version of the software being run

RMS can be completely disabled should a client have concerns about hosting an application which communicates with an outside service on a regular basis.  If completely disabled there will be no RMS communications between the QuickMIB installation and the RMS server.

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