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Remote Management System(RMS)
Secure Scan Archive (SSA)
QuickMIB Pro Fact Sheet Click to download the free Adobe Reader

QuickMIB Pro has the added ability to collect scan data and upload it to a central collection server.  This is the Secure Scan Archive (SSA) feature.  Like the Remote Management System, the SSA system is optional and can be disabled if so desired.  When enabled, SSA runs following every scan and transmits the results to either our secure server, or a server at the imaging services providers location (for such installations we provide documentation on configuring the server to receive SSA data).  All SSA data can be sent using SSL to ensure data security.

Data sent via SSA includes:

 Serial Number
 Model Information
 IP Address
 MAC Address
 Page counts
 Color/Mono Print Device Type
 Console Screen Message
 Toner Levels
 Toner Part Numbers

Scan results are dependent upon the information provided by the device manufacturer.

Since SSA utilizes a “standard” protocol there is generally no need for any special configuration changes to the network security system at the client location. 

The Secure Scan Archive is included only in the Pro version of QuickMIB and is provided at no additional charge. 

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