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Remote Management System(RMS)
Secure Scan Archive (SSA)
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We only want satisfied customers. If QuickMIB Pro™ doesn't meet or exceed your expectations you can return it for a full refund.

QuickMIB Pro extends the capabilities of QuickMIB to include features designed for medium to large size organizations. 

QuickMIB Pro has all the features of the standard version PLUS:

  Unlimited IP Address Ranges (Subnets)
  A Daily Scan Interval Option
  Secure Scan Archive Option
  Collection of Supply Readings

New details include MAC Address, supply levels and supply part numbers as well as the introduction of unlimited IP address ranges, so no customer site is too large or too complex. 

If the scan intervals available in the standard version are not frequent enough, a daily scan option is now available for gathering print device data every weekday. 

The Secure Scan Archive, if activated, allows you to log into PrintMIBs secure site and view customer scan data as well as run comprehensive reports.

QuickMIB Pro is installed on a Microsoft Windows server or workstation (XP, 2000, 2003). It periodically scans all print devices on the end-users network, and at set intervals (daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) sends an email to a configurable email address with the meter read information. This data can also be printed, imported into Microsoft Excel or displayed in an HTML page. Details included in the report are:

 Serial Number
 IP Address
 Multiple Page Counts
 Console lnformation
 MAC Address
 Supply Levels/Part Numbers

QuickMIB System Requirements  
  Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003
  A network running TCP/IP
  Power user rights or higher to install the program
  Networked print devices

Security Concerns: QuickMIB ONLY collects the above infomation from print devices on a network. It ONLY sends this infomation via email to the specified email addresses. No other information about the network is collected or transmitted in any way. The Secure Scan Archive is a user configurable option that transmits the same meter read data via SSL to PrintMIBs secure server. 


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