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LocalMIB is now available for existing customers and can be downloaded from the secure area of

LocalMIB extends the scanning functionality of PrintMIB and QuickMIB to include printers connected directly to computers via parallel, USB or even serial ports. LocalMIB is a small program which can be installed on any Windows 2000/XP/2003 computer. It will constantly monitor printer activity and pass that information on to PrintMIB and/or QuickMIB enabling you to complete your printing environment profile.

Like all PrintMIB products, LocalMIB is designed to be simple to use. Installation can be accomplished in a few seconds, and for basic use no configuration is necessary beyond specifying which printer(s) should be monitored.

Once installed, LocalMIB simply waits in the Windows system tray watching for documents being sent to the specified printers. When a document is detected LocalMIB notes the number of pages printed, and makes that data available to PrintMIB and/or QuickMIB via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

Running LocalMIB in the basic mode will provide the following information:

 IP Address of the computer to which the printer is connected
 Model of the printer
 Windows Name of the printer
 Pages printed since LocalMIB was installed
LocalMIB also can be configured to pass on the following information which may have to be entered manually the first time the program is run:

  Serial Number
  Starting page count (which will be incremented automatically)
LocalMIB is free, and works with all SNMP compliant management consoles, though additional functionality is provided when used in tandem with our PrintMIB Meter Read Key and/or QuickMIB Automated Meter Read Tool.

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