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PrintMIB™ specializes in comprehensive management information based meter read solutions. We offer quick and accurate information collection and asset management for networked print devices in an easy to use interface. Our software is designed for use by novice office managers and sales associates as well as experienced technicians/administrators. Our mission is to be a leader in accuracy, simplicity and cost of use in the market place.
PrintMIB Meter Read Key provides quick, accurate MIB scan information with no installation necessary. Obtain the meter read  
data for an entire office in the time it normally takes to print one test page.  Save to a database, export to excel or print out a variety of reports.    
LocalMIB is a small software package that is installed on a Windows workstation with a local (non-networked) printer attached via USB or parallel cable.  It monitors print activity and
QuickMIB is designed for smaller organizations needing basic meter read data from print devices at regular set intervals. Resulting data  
can be printed or automatically emailed to the office manager, dealer or leasing company, or a combination of the three.    
QuickMIB Pro™ is designed for larger organizations needing more advanced print device information.  Unlimited IP Address ranges, supplies information, communication
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